More plants and trees coming soon!


More plants and trees coming soon!

As part of the permanent LTN improvements and Lambeth’s Kerbside Strategy, we are increasing the amount of green space on our streets. 

Following the decision to make Railton LTN permanent, the Transport Strategy team carried out extensive engagement with the local community and stakeholders to upgrade the planters and signage used in the trial to more substantial permanent changes. Engagement took place between May and July 2022 and comprised a broad range of methods encompassing on-street, offline and online advertisement. More information on this process is provided in the Engagement Summary Report

Feedback received during the engagement period identified increased planting and greening as some of the main features requested to be included in the spaces around the modal filters. In order to make space for these features, and in line with Lambeth’s Kerbside Strategy, a re-allocation of road space was required.  

For context, in Lambeth’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) we committed to allocating 25% of the kerbside to support resilience to climate change. Lambeth's Kerbside Strategy sets out how we will achieve this. The strategy recognises that many households don’t have access to outdoor space or a car and can’t make use of the kerbside. Priority 2 of the strategy is ‘Creating Places for People’ and we are delivering against this priority by converting parking bays into planting areas. 

You will notice some of the planting areas in Railton and Oval LTNs are not currently planted. This is because we are waiting for the planting season to arrive. The planting seasons runs approximately from September – April. If the plants are planted during the summer season, there is a risk they fail due to the extreme heat and lack of rainfall. These planting areas will be planted up when the planting season arrives in the Autumn. 

The images below are examples of completed planting in the Oval area.