Designing a permanent scheme


Designing a permanent scheme

This document presents a summary of the Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood collaborative design process- which took place between May 2022 and July 2022. Through this engagement we have been able to identify design improvements that are important to the local community and adapt design proposals with the feedback.  

In this report you will find:  

  • Key information on Lambeth’s Transport Strategy and the Community Street Design engagement process. 
  • Analysis of online Commonplace engagement where visitors were asked to give their opinions and suggestions through a survey.  
  • The starting design proposalkey findings collected during the engagement activities and the final design proposal for each filter location.  
  • Timetable and next steps. Please note this is subject to external factors and therefore may be subject to significant slippage.  

Next steps: 

It is expected construction work will begin on site in March 2023. You can read the full decision report here.  

Surface Works: 

Our highways contractor, Ringway, will contact residents and businesses that are situated close to the works to provide more details of any temporary impacts while construction is carried out. 

Other works:

Works for greening, art and street furniture will be commissioned by the Council. We will provide an update of these commissions in due course.  

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